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To establish and administer a Surrogate Father Program for the benefit of our young men and women from puberty to an adult age of appropriate responsibility.

To provide Surrogate Father Facilitators that will aid in growth and development of all of our young people.

To organize and conduct cultural, recreational, and social activities, including field trips to various events for the enrichment of the youth and other family members.

To stimulate and encourage the development of high moral and ethical values of family and society through active participation with the Surrogate Father Program.

To promote and increase positive self-esteem of youth for themselves and the community by providing masculine role models.
To nurture and support youths in school, community as well as developing interpersonal relationships of family and friends.

To disseminate information to the general public, schools, government and private organizations concerning the goals and activities of the Surrogate Father Program.

To organize meetings, seminars, workshops and discussions on contemporary issues affecting the youth in today’s world.

To aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor, and otherwise engage in concerted action with private, governmental, educational, religious, social services, community agencies, and organizations and all programs designed, calculated and dedicated to the improvement of life for the youths and families and generally to endeavor to promote, foster and advance self-esteem, welfare, and development of youths wherever they are by all available means and methods.