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This program will give the participants another way of observing themselves, so they will see that they do not have to take advantage of or be taken advantage of, simply because it’s the thing to do, and not use as an excuse their environment. As a result, they will focus on their opportunities and not their limitations.

The Surrogate Father Program’s methodology has been divided into three phases.

The first phase: focuses on more effective ways of coping with current complex family situations; emphasis includes developing simple but effective coping mechanisms for single parent families and non-threatening intervention techniques.

The second phase: will target all American males especially African-American urban males (teen fathers and absentee fathers) who want to return to their families. Focus will be placed on the development and strengthening their attitudes and perceptions of male responsibility.
The third phase: includes tailoring workshops, seminars, and curriculum developed to meet the specific needs of community organizations, religious institutions, schools, social services and other institutions.

Topics Include


Keys to Masculine Responsibility
Family Restoration
Improving One’s Self-Esteem
Single Parents Raising their Children
Overcoming Self Imposed Fears
Interpretation of Possibility
Love of Self
Conflict resolution
Real Race Relations
Self Awareness
Developing Peer Leadership Skills
Sexual Responsibility
Substance abuse awareness
How to handle Mistakes
Understanding the use of language
And a natural blend of concepts